How to Register, Dowload and Install Moonlight Blade?

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How to Register, Dowload and Install Moonlight Blade?

Post by EquiNoxy on Fri May 27, 2016 1:45 pm

How to Register, Download and Install Moonlight Blade [CN]?

Moonlight Blade(天涯明月刀) is a Chinese Martial Arts MMORPG developed and pubished by Tencent.Players can fly as freely as a Bird using the Special Light Body skill (QingGong) in Moonlight Blade. [/size]

Moreover,the gaming world is massive and 18 times larger than the world of Skyrim,and the engine allows players to provide a 2,300-meter view distance, 17 different types of landscapes, and over 2,200 types of plants. Not only in China,but also it's popular immensely in other countries.

I would like to show you how to register, download and install this hot WuXia MMORPG.

Step 1.Registration (Create a QQ account)

If you've already set up a QQ account you can head to Step 2 directly. Also you can refer to this article about QQ Registration,but it's not the latest. Now, QQ requests you to enter your phone number to verify your account, like this:

NOTE: Players under the age of 18 aren't exposed to explicit content.

Step 1.1: Check Here to see how to finalize your QQ account activation.

Step 2.Download

Click here to access to download the Moonlight Blade client.

Choose the middle button "会员专属下载"and download the Moonlight Blade downloader.

After it finish,set up downloader and login with your QQ account to speed up the download,then click"开始下载" to start to download Moonlight Blade client,finally click "开始安装" when it done.

Step 2.1: To avoid launching error, change your locale to Chinese (Simplified)
If you don't know how to do that Check here

Step 3. Installation

Install Monnlight Blade to your PC step by step.




NOTE:"TGP-天刀官方定制版" means Tencent Games Platform-Moonlight Blade Official version.

It's a games platform you can donwload Tencent games directly from it.If you want,check it and you can get it after download ends.




Step 4.Start Game

When successfully downloaded, launch client and get ready to play Moonlight Blade.

①Update automatically

②Ready to play


④Choose server

⑤Start Moonlight Blade


*Source: Original Post Thanks to CindyKK
All credits reserved by the original post


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