Tencent (QQ) Account: Identity Verification Guide

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Tencent (QQ) Account: Identity Verification Guide

Post by EquiNoxy on Fri May 27, 2016 3:51 pm

After you created a QQ account and received the username through your email (yes, all those numbers are actually your username), here is a guide to finalize the activation of your account.

*Note: If you didn't create an account but want to know how to, please refer to the "How to Register, Download and Install Moonlight Blade?" topic.

Step 1: Visit the Identification Page

Step 2: Click the Blue Button on the left

In the pop-up you'll need to insert the QQ number (username - received through email upon finalizing the creation of the account) and Password.

Step 3: After the log-in, click the Bottom Blue Link

Step 4: Complete the fields in the new window accordingly

1. Type in your name (in English)

2. Pick the Third Option (Passport). It is not necessary that you give your real Passport Number. You can put any 9 Digits but try to remember them as this is important in case your account gets hacked or you want to reset your password.

3.Chose Birthday: Year/Month/Day. If you're under 18 years old you might have certain restrictions.

4.Adress: simply type in you're country (in English)


And that was it. Now you can play any Tencent game you want - if it doesn't have IP restriction -

*Source: Original Post Thanks to MMOsite
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