What is Moonlight Blade Online?

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What is Moonlight Blade Online?

Post by EquiNoxy on Fri May 27, 2016 5:59 pm

Moonlight Blade Online- In progress

"Moonlight Blade is Tencent Games' upcoming action MMORPG sets in the martial arts world. Tencent Games is working with movie makers to create movie-leveled combat feeling, and they make use of satellite statistics to build the terrains of the game. The developer claimed that the gaming world is massive and 18 times larger than the world of Skyrim.

Not only the size, but also the detail level of the world will amaze MMO gamers. The developer told that the engine allows them to provide a 2,300-meter view distance, 17 different types of landscapes, and over 2,200 types of plants."

Here's a Pros and Cons review of the game, made by The Lazy Peon:

[size=14] If you are interested in more information here are a few direct links:
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